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RLS Resources

  • How important is a good night's sleep?

    We all know sleep is important, but just how crucial is it to get a full eight hours?
  • Last week in RLS

    We will begin to highlight news, updates, and general information about RLS in our blog posts.  We'll do our best to keep it recent but if there's ...
  • Restless Leg Syndrome and Gate Control Theory

    Gate Control Theory can be an effective tool to fight restless leg syndrome.
  • NIH Studies RLS

    Restless leg syndrome is more common than you may think. The National Institute of Health performed a broad based study of RLS research covering several countries and came up with some interesting results.
  • RLS Impacts

    Restless leg syndrome impacts more than just your sleep. Studies have shown that unmanaged RLS can severely impact one's daily life.
  • Comorbidity

    Restless leg syndrome can appear on its own, sometimes it has a genetic component, and sometimes its presence is correlated with other conditions.
  • The Gender Gap

    While doctors don't know why, they do have theories about the increased prevalence in women over men.
  • What is RLS?

    While doctors don't know what causes restless leg syndrome, they have defined what it is. Learn more here.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

    Ask ten people what they use for RLS remedies and you'll probably get 11 answers. Unfortunately there is no known restless leg syndrome cure and n...