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Introducing FullEight’s Cooling Gel

RLS impacts nearly 3 in 10 women during pregnancy. Get the full night’s sleep you need with FullEight’s Cooling Gel, our special formula topical gel, designed for (and by) people with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

  • FullEight's Cooling Gel features a breakthrough formula to ease the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • Clinical-strength menthol provides instant, lasting relief by stimulating the sensitive tissue in your legs.
  • Unlike other RLS treatments, all of FullEight’s products are safe, non-habit forming and don’t require a prescription.
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How FullEight’s Topical Gels Provide Instant Relief

Scientific research has demonstrated the efficacy of a process called counter-stimulation for pain management. That is, our body’s perceptions of pain and discomfort (e.g. the symptoms of restless legs) can be altered by introducing new sensations to the affected areas. For example, if you stub your toe, rubbing your foot really does ease your sensation of pain.

The challenge for those of us with RLS is that the sensations can happen at any moment and the discomfort can be quite persistent.

But there’s good news! Safe, well-understood agents like menthol provide a cooling sensation to counteract the uncomfortable sensations of restless legs. And a reliable delivery mechanism, like FullEight’s gels, ensures an immediate cooling sensation that lasts until you can get to sleep.

“I developed RLS during pregnancy and have been using the Cooling Gel, which I highly recommend. It definitely helps calm my legs and allows me to sleep.” - Devon (Charlotte, NC)

RLS is more common than you might think

RLS impacts more than 33 million people (up to 11% of people in the U.S. and Europe). RLS primarily impacts adults, but ⅓ of patients experience their first symptoms before age 18.

RLS affects both men and women, but it’s most common in women and can be especially difficult during pregnancy.

Who Uses FullEight?

FullEight’s Cooling Gel is designed for anyone struggling to sleep because of restless, uncomfortable, fidgety legs. Our customers are all ages, races and genders, from every part of the United States.

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We're Proud of Every Ingredient

Each element in FullEight’s formulation was selected to soothe.

Clinical Strength Menthol

After a lifelong search for a solution to his own restless legs, FullEight’s founder discovered the menthol formula active in FullEight’s Cooling Gel. It worked for him and our customers say it works for them too.


In Ayurvedic medicine, Turmeric is a "detoxifier of the body." Today, though its anti-inflammatory effects are disputed when ingested, other studies suggest its active element, Curcumin, can have unique effects when applied topically.


Aloe vera, among many benefits, acts as an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase pathway and lowering prostaglandin E2 creation from arachidonic acid.

The Basics of FullEight Gels


Apply to your legs (or other affected areas) each night before bed. Our 8oz jars are big enough to use generously for 30-nights. Created for long-term use in healthy adults of all ages.

Science Advisors

Dr. Brian P. Redmond, II, M.D., Practicing Physician, Lighthouse Anesthesiology, FullEight Science Advisory Board;
Mr. John Redmond, Former Special Agent in Charge (Midwest), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), FullEight Science Advisory Board


Temporary relief from uncomfortable sensations in legs. Product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


Designed to ease symptoms of restless leg syndrome, helping you get a more restful, full night of sleep.

FDA Monographed

FullEight products are natural, safe and effective. They’re side-effect free and have no risk of addiction.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with FullEight, we’ll refund your order 100%.

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