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NIH Studies RLS

In 2011 the National Institute of Health reviewed 34 studies of RLS prevalence and frequency across multiple countries.  To date, this is one of the most broad and detailed studies of Restless Leg Syndrome.


  • Reported prevalence of RLS ranged from 4% to 29% of the populations studied, with an average of 14.5%
  • In the US, prevalence ranged from 7.6% to 24%
  • In the US, 5% to 15.7% reported weekly symptoms
  • With weekly symptoms left unmanaged, subjects also reported additional symptoms like anxiety and even depression
  • Between 33% and 50% of those with RLS reported moderate to high distress

All studies that were included in the results used the International Restless Leg Syndrome Study Group (IRLSSG) standards for RLS diagnostic criteria.


The tables provided in the study show various breakdowns by age, gender, and other factors.
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